Kids ATV Gear

Kids ATV Gear Guide – Everything You Need For A Safe Ride

Whether you’ve just got your kid an ATV or you’re thinking about buying one (if so, check out my guide on how to buy the right ATV for Kids here) you need to get the right ATV Gear for your little ones.

There is a lot of kids ATV Gear around, so trying to figure out what your child really needs when riding can get confusing.

I’ve gone through everything you need to know about Goggles, Gloves, Armor and Boots. For Helmets, they get their own special article because they are the most important, which you can read here.

What ATV Gear Your Kid Needs To Wear & Why

Kids ATV Helmets

Helmet – Without a doubt the most important piece of ATV gear. If a child (or anyone) is riding an ATV, by law they are required to wear a helmet. Helmets save lives, so make sure you get the right one for your kid. I’ve written an entire guide about Kids ATV Helmets here that can help you find the right one.

Kids ATV Goggles

Goggles – Another essential. Riding without a pair of ATV goggles is just stupid. Riding an ATV across any terrain always runs the risk of mud, dirt, stones, sticks or any other debris flying into eyes at high speed.

Kids ATV Gloves

Gloves – You need protection on your hands from the elements, especially the knuckles incase there is an accident (say the handlebar hits something and fingers get squashed). Also, they are great for gripping the handlebars for control, especially the throttle. A long ride can be sore on some kids hands, so they protect the palms and pinkies from aches during and after. 

Kids ATV Armor

Armor – Whilst not an essential, I would always advise to get ATV armor. I wear it when I’m on proper trails and it has saved me from getting broken ribs a couple of times – stopping unexpectedly my chest has hit the handlebars. It hurt, but not as much as it would have if I had not been wearing my padded vest.

Kids ATV Boots

Boots – A good pair of boots is always needed. ATV boots are rugged, weatherproof and pretty much indestructible. If you can’t get proper ATV or motocross footwear, don’t worry. A good strong pair of hiking boots will do fine, but ATV boots look cool too!

Clothing – The type of clothing you want your kids to be wearing is ideally full body. A good pair of denim jeans and long sleeve T is a good idea, mainly for protection from getting snagged on certain terrain (thorn bush for example, have done it myself!), keeping clean from flying mud and stop yourself from getting sunburnt (or catching a cold from cooler weather. You can buy proper ATV or Motocross clothing, but you really don’t need to for safety’s sake.

My Recommendations For Kids ATV Gear

Below I’ve recommended a selection of the best kids ATV gear that is available online. Just to let you know, the Fox Racing options are slightly more expensive than the others in this list, but you do pay for a leap in quality. Check them out and see what you think!


Kids ATV Goggles

For kids ATV goggles, I’ve given a budget option and a more premium option, however there is hardly any price difference between the two (we’re talking 5 bucks or so).

The budget range is for 8 years and under, whereas the Fox range I’ve picked is for 8 and over. 

GLX GX08 ATV Goggles (For 8 Year Olds & Under)

Kids ATV Goggles

First up on the list are these pair of GLX ATV Goggles.

Whilst not the highest end goggles, they do the job very well for a decent price.

The lens is wide-view, so easy to see with little obscuring on the sides. It’s anti-fog too, so no need to worry about them steaming up, especially due to the 14 ports of ventilation.

The frames are shatterproof, being flexible (you can literally twist them and they revert back to their shape) and comfortable with multi-layer moisture-wicking padding foam. They are lightweight too, being only 3.5Oz.

These goggles are excellent for kids 8 and under – older children may find that they are too tight or small to go round a larger helmet, so measuring is key. If they are small, then you should look at the Fox Racing Mains – they are great for youths.

ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Goggles

Fox Racing 2019 Main Goggles (For 9 Year Olds & Over)

Kids ATV Goggles

Fox are a major player in Motocross sports being a best of breed, especially with youth gear and apparel. In terms of the highest quality and fashionable accessories and ATV gear, look no further.

Fox do provide kids ATV goggles for the under 8’s, however I wanted to focus on their entry level Fox Racing Main Range as they fit bigger kids 8 years and up.

These goggles are wonderful, with a large view port so you don’t miss a thing when riding. The lens itself offers 100% UV protection,  so no weird looking sunburn after a ride. The lenses are also replaceable, so if one does get cracked from damage, you don’t need to replace the entire ATV goggle set. They are also anti fog with ventilation , so no steam ups.

Comfort wise they are padded with a triple layer face foam with a fleece liner, so you don’t need to worry about any uncomfortable plastics pushing on the sides of the face or bridge of the nose.

The strap is a non-slip silicone material, so the strap running around the helmet grips it and won’t fall down when riding.

Personally, I’d recommend this pair of goggles for over 8 year olds. For under 8, try these pair of Fox Racing ATV Goggles.

ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Goggles

Kids ATV Gloves

Two sets of kids ATV gloves here, the Fox pair and the budget option. Both are functional, however the Fox options offers a bit more in terms of comfort, style and control.

Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Race Gloves

Kids ATV Gloves

Like the Fox ATV Goggles, their ATV Gloves look awesome too.

The gloves are made from stretch polyester with clarino padding on the knuckles. These thing are flexible, breath nicely, comfortable and grip really well, with silicone print on the finger tips for lever grip.

They come in a range of exciting colors, so there are some for everyone. Plus they match up to an array of Fox Helmets.

My honest opinion – these are more comfy and look better than the one’s below. You are paying more for the aesthetic nature of the gloves here.

Sizing for ATV gear and gloves is important – you don’t want to get a pair that are too small. The hand measure should be taken from the wrist to the end of the middle finger. 

Below are a series of measuring charts for Fox Gloves. I’ve included the adult’s sizes as some kids may fall into the the S or M sizes for women or men. 

If you think your child needs the adult pair of gloves, check out the Dirt Paw Adults range on Amazon.


Kids ATV Gloves
ATV Gloves
ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Gloves

Youth Standard/Skeleton Racing ATV Gloves

Kids ATV Gloves

These Youth ATV gloves are the budget option and come in a wide range of colors and 2 different designs, the skeleton and the standard. They are perfectly functional and cost nearly half the price of the Fox range.

Both have tough finger and knuckle protection, with mesh along the fingers for airflow and flexibility. The palm has great grip, however this is not padded itself.

It says that these have touch recognition for smart phones, however most of the time it doesn’t work, so don’t get too excited about that feature. Also the finger tips don’t have the extra grip that the Fox Racing ones do.

Overall though, they are good gloves for a starter pair and cheap too.

Use the sizing chart below to help you choose the right pair.

Kids ATV Gloves
ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Gloves

Kids ATV Armor

Whilst not essential for young riders, I’d still rather have my kids wearing this to stop chest injuries (they are common). There are two sets of kids ATV armor here, one from Fox and the other from Webetop, which is the budget range but not by much.

Fox Racing R3 Roost Deflector

Kids ATV Armor

This is the best Kids ATV Armor for kids, with loads of great reviews and one of my kids owns this in blue. This has really stopped them from hurting themselves when they fall off, especially their spine!

Not only does it provide protection for the torso and shoulders, you’ve got protection for the arms as well. These are detachable if you prefer for your kid not to wear them.

The chest, back and shoulder construction are made from polycarbonate, which is extremely light but highly durable. Everything is fully adjustable for a custom fit. When you first get one of these, you want to get the fittings right for your child so they don’t have to worry about it.

The armor itself is minimalistic, but covers all the right places. This allows better airflow so your kid won’t get sweaty whilst out on a ride.

Sizing for this Kids ATV Armor is as follows:

  • Small 50-120 lbs/ 4’3″-5’4″
  • Medium 85-150+ lbs/ 5’2″-5’11”
  • Large 155-210+ lbs/5’8″-6’2″
ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Armor

Webetop ATV Armor

Kids ATV Armor

For the budget range, the Webetop Kids ATV Armor is excellent.

As with the Fox Armor, this effectively protects your kids chest, spine, shoulders and waist whilst riding. The PE shell armor is wear-resistant and shock resistant, absorbing any impacts they may have. It has as you would expect, breathable fabrics so your kid wont get too sweaty whilst riding it.

You can freely adjust the waist area with the wide velcro waist strap and a small button strap simultaneously. 

One thing I would say is that make sure you choose the right size. When testing this, I went too large and found the vest rode up my kids back too easily.

The only thing I can say negatively is that it isn’t as sturdy or as tough as the Fox Armor, but you get what you pay for I guess!

ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Armor

Kids ATV Boots

If you’re looking to invest in some Kids ATV Boots, then I’d recommend Fox. There are no budget options that are any good really, so be prepared to pay a hundred bucks or so.

The good thing is, these can be sold on as they are indestructible so long as you keep them clean and dry.

There are two pairs here that will fit small kids and big kids, with measuring charts below.

Fox Racing Kids Comp 5K Boots - Sizes K10-K13

Kids ATV Boots
Kids ATV Boots

When it comes to boots, you want quality, and these do not disappoint.

Fox have constructed their Comp 5k boots out of top grain leather to provide comfort and flexibility and abrasion resistance. 

The boots have plastic reinforcements inside to provide protection and a reinforced shin plate, meaning it’s hard to twist your ankle in these. The durable buckles that are simple and easy to operate for youngsters.

The boots themselves are not heavy, so kids won’t feel weighted down by them.

For the smaller ATV kids, these will fit kid’s feet sizes of 10-13.

Kids ATV Boots
ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Boots

Fox Racing Youth Comp - Sizes Y1-Y8

Kids ATV Boots

For the bigger kids, the Fox Racing Youth Comp are the kids ATV boots to go for.

Similar in build quality to the 5K above, these boots have premium quality for great value.

Made with tough leather, internal suede, ultra easy pivot lock buckles are smooth, durable and easy to use. The race bonded outsole creates a new level of comfort.

These things are pretty much indestructible and are the best pair of boots for kids. You may have trouble getting your kids to take them off because they look great too.

It may be worth buying a size up so they last a bit longer for your child. Size guide is below:

Kids ATV Boots
ATVs For Kids Rating
Kids ATV Boots

When Do I Replace My Kids ATV Gear?

A lot of this is common sense, but there are some key things to look out for when replacing kids ATV gear. If you want to know about when to replace an ATV helmet, check the Kids ATV Helmet Guide here.

ATV for Sale

When To Replace ATV Goggles

It is pretty easy to see if your kids ATV goggles are due for replacement.

If a visor gets cracked, you need to replace it. It has already have an impact from damage and has protected the wearer. Another blow to the same place would cause plastic to go into the eyes – which is something that can be very serious. We’re talking blindness here for a child.

Same goes for the outer casing if that’s cracked too, then the next impact could shatter the lenses.

The head strap can lose elasticity over time, so if it’s still staying in place when being worn, you have nothing to worry about. If it’s slipping, then you can replace the strap or just buy a new pair of goggles.

Also the adjusters on the headband can weaken over time. If they break, then your kids goggles won’t stay on their head properly.

When To Replace ATV Gloves

Unlike your helmet, gloves are in constant contact with the ATV. Meaning they literally wear away.

Plus kids may use them for other activities which can wear them out. For example, if they’re off their ATV, whether moving obstacles in their path or climbing a tree, chemicals from objects on the ground, tree sap or whatever will help to slowly effect the glove fabric and therefore strength.

You’ll notice that the palms of gloves get thinner over time. For me when I tested my own daughters 2 year old gloves against a new pair and they showed about a 50% deterioration, in seam strength, abrasion and heat strength. Those gloves also had soft knuckle armor, which does detoriate at a slightly slower rate, but really it’s all about material thickness on the palm.

My advice, this is something you have to check. If you can see easily that the gloves are wearing thin in the palm by over 50%, it’s time to buy a new pair.

When To Replace ATV Armor

Foam pads absorb impact by compressing and crumbling. So if your kid has had a big crash, they should be replaced.

General use will gradually wear this foam armour out – frequent bending on the pads will weaken them. If they are thin on a crease line, time to replace.

Silicon and thermoplastic armor or ‘Plastic’ armor can outlive a jacket and pants, so long as you don’t batter them up constantly. But viscal elastic armor will not. Moleculor stability of these types of armor has a lifespan of around 4 years, after which it starts losing its effectiveness.

When To Replace ATV Clothing

Jackets and Pants

Unlike gloves, kids are unlikely to wear through the textiles and leather, unless they’re spending a lot of time using the gear to do other contact sports or play, or falling off their ATV – and if they are falling off a lot, then you may want to teach your kids how to ride an ATV safely with our guide here.

To see if Kids ATV clothing needs replacing, you need to check specific areas.


Fasteners on Kids ATV clothing ensures that their protection (the armor padding) actually sits over the parts that need protecting. So if they don’t close properly, there are two options:

Replace the zipper – if you’re a professional tailor.

My choice – buy a new jacket. It’s always the better and safer option.


It’s unlikely that your kids will be riding at night, but sometimes it happens. Jackets have reflective parts on jackets and pants, however it doesn’t work forever. They usually have a lifespan of 7 years, but much less in dirty conditions, so I’d recommend 3 years for ATV riding.

Water proofing

This is pretty obvious, but I’ll cover it anyway.

A once waterproof jacket that now leaks, is a bad sign. Stressed seams, busted membranes, faulty zippers, you kids could be in danger of more than just a damp t-shirt. Catching a cold is never fun.

When To Replace ATV Boots

ATV Boots are designed to be pretty much indestructible.

They follow the similar rules of inspection with the jacket and pants – check the seams and material for thinning, check the armor (they are mostly steel, so that will last forever), make sure the fasteners fasten, make sure the rectives reflect and make sure the waterproofing water proofs.

The only time you’ll need to buy new boots is when your kids grow out of them and need a larger pair.

Should I Buy Used ATV Gear For Kids?

ATV for Sale

Buying used gear which is a fraction of the price of new gear is tempting, but some gear you can buy second hand and some you shouldn’t.

It’s easy to see if goggles are still holding together and not cracked, boots are pretty much indestructible and gloves you will be able to feel whether they are worn out on the fingers and palms. The only thing you need to think of here is hygiene….

Used Kids ATV armor is questionable – from first inspection, just make sure there are no dents or malformed plastic. Check the fasteners are ok and that it is still wearable.

As for helmets, don’t ever buy a used one. You have no idea how much abuse they’ve taken, or if the EPS has dried out. For more information about helmets and buying the right one, I go into detail in my helmet guide here, including when to replace them.

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