Kids electric ATVs

Kids Electric ATV Guide: Fun, Affordable, Eco-Friendly & Quiet!

A Kids Electric ATV is perfect for young riders or beginners. They are safe, cost affective, fun and environmentally friendly.

Our guide below gives you everything you need to choose the right electric ATV for your kids, and advice on when to upgrade to a gas-powered ATV for kids later down the line.

What Is A Kids Electric ATV?

Electric ATV

A kids electric ATV is an all-terrain vehicle designed for children that runs on electricity, rather than gas or diesel.

Ironically, the majority of kids electric ATVs are classed as ‘toys’ and not vehicles, due to their slower speeds. Therefore children as young as 3 years old can ride the slower models. Gas powered ATVs have a minimum recommended age of 6, so kids electric ATVs are great as a starting point for young children who want to give ATV riding a go.

6 Reasons Why An Electric ATV Is Perfect For Young Beginners

kids electric ATV

Low Costs

Kids Electric ATVs are not as expensive as the gas powered ATVs for kids as an initial purchase. Also, because they run on electricity and not gas, you won’t have to pay for fuel. You just plug them into a charger and an outlet for a few hours, which is much cheaper in the long run!

Low Maintenance

Kids Electric ATVs require little maintenance due to the lack of mechanical parts in the engine. This means there is less to go wrong, less to worry about and less to spend on maintaining the ATV.

Power and Speed

As mentioned earlier and what is pretty obvious due to the name, electric ATVs run on electricity and not gas. Their power and speed depends on the battery they have. A 24 volt battery can get to maximum speeds of around 10mph, whereas a 12V battery can reach a speed of 5mph. One thing electric ATVs are very good at is torque – they accelerate much quicker than gas powered ATVs. 

Environmentally Friendly

Due to the electric engine, there are zero emissions from this ATV, so it is pollution free. So no fumes, no smells (or oil leak problems) plus, no noise pollution either.

No Noise

Due to the motor being electric and not gas, the only sound you’ll here is a slight high-pitch whirr when your kids are riding around on it(remember the sound of a remote controlled car?). Because they are so quiet, it won’t upset any neighbours – unlike a noisy gas-powered ATV.


Electric ATVs are very safe, due to their slower speeds, and fewer mechanical parts for kids to get their hands caught in or burnt. Also due to the electric engines being so quiet, kids can hear instructions from parents when riding a lot easier.

Just a side note – You still need your kids to wear the right ATV gear and ATV helmet, even if they are going at 2mph.

Should You Buy A Kids Electric ATV or Kids Gas ATV?

Kids ATV

This is a question which gets asked a lot. Do you buy an electric ATV or a gas powered ATV for your little one?

My personal opinion is this:

Electric ATV’s are ideal for young children who are  learning to ride an ATV for the first time, who are perhaps a little nervous of getting on a gas powered ATV. 

Also, Kids Under the age of 6 can ride electric ATV’s as most are classed as toys and not vehicles. You have to be 6 years old to ride a gas-powered ATV. Electric ATVs are safe for 3 years and up.

Kids electric ATVs are quiet, they don’t vibrate when the engine is on and they’re easier to control due to their slower speeds.

From a parent’s perspective, they are easier to maintain, environmentally friendly, safer, quieter and cheaper than a gas powered ATV. Buying an affordable electric ATV for your kids at a young age can help to see if they will take to the sport before you invest in something more expensive and gas powered.

Gas ATV’s are the better choice if your kids are more confident in their own abilities and discipline, or are a bit older (over 6 years old) and want an ATV that goes faster than 10mph. Plus when kids want to go out on longer rides, gas powered ATVs will last longer and only need a fuel top up, whereas an electric ATV needs to charge for hours. If you think your little one is ready for a gas powered ATV, then Check out our guide for the best affordable gas powered ATVs for kids here.

Best Kids Electric ATVs 24V (5-10MPH)

Below I’ve hand picked the best electric ATV’s I found online that are affordable.

Though I’ve included a both a 24v and a 12v range, I would always go for a 24v and limit the speed. Your kid will get more life out of it, and thought it does cost more than a 12v electric ATV, it is so much better value, quality and build.

Titan 24v Mini Quad Electric ATV - My Recommendation

Electric ATV

For my money, I would go down the Titan route.

Their electric ATV is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest on this list, though it is does cost the most out of all the electric ATVs on this list.

This ATV certainly looks the part as an off-roader. With front and rear suspension, disc breaks, 13 inch rubber knobbly tires and speeds of up to 10mph, this is an excellent option for a quiet, safe and awesome looking electric four wheeler.

With an easy to work power switch and a parent speed control key, your kids will have no problem jumping on and racing around at speeds you and they are comfortable with.

The charge time is pretty standard for any electric ATV – you’re looking at 4-6 hours, with an hour’s riding time.

Kids electric ATVs are small, so here are the measurements of how big this electric 4 wheeler is:  

ATV Size: 42x26x25 inches
Handle bar height from ground: 25 inches
Seat height from ground: 19 inches

I’d also recommend having a watch of the video below to get an idea of size. You may find that some kids would be better off with a larger, gas powered ATV for kids as opposed to an electric option due to their size. If that’s the case, you can check out our ATVs For Kids Guide here for the Gas Powered options.

One thing I would recommend – turn off the lights on this as it just drains the battery – you’ll get a longer ride out of it with the lighting disconnected.

Overall, the most authentic electric ATV for little ones available for this price. Great design, eco-friendly, quiet and looks the business!

ATVs For Kids Rating
Electric ATV

This is a great video of how nippy these little electric quads are.

Razor Dirt Electric Four Wheeler - Most Popular On Amazon!

This is by far the most popular kids electric ATV online. Why? Because it offers a lot of fun for nearly half the price of the Titan above.

It’s a nimble little kids electric ATV, with quick handling, light weight design (you can actually do some tricks with these if you’re big enough!). The battery life of this one is about 55 minutes, which is enough for a decent playtime in the backyard.

Despite being nippy and lightweight, this electric ATV is durable and tough. From reports I’ve read, kids can give this thing a lot of abuse and it keeps on going!

Whilst this is all good, there are some sacrifices to be made in comparison with the better model that the Titan provides.

Firstly, there are only brakes on the rear. Second, there is no full suspension. And thirdly, perhaps most importantly, there is no parental speed control, so this can go full speed – which is 10mph. If your kid (or you) aren’t ready for that, then you’re better off with a slower one below, or the Titan above that has the speed control.

Overall, this ATV for kids is a lot of fun and I can see why this is the most popular option online today!

ATVs For Kids Rating

Here’s a great unboxing video and shows how great this mini Electric ATV is!

Best Kids Electric ATVs 12V (5MPH)

Unlike the Electric Kids ATVs above, the 12V option is not really designed for going over rough terrain – we’re talking about driveways, paths and cut grass backyards. These are designed for very little children, but keep the rugged looks of a kids four wheeler in mind.

Basically, these are toys for tots – ATV style! If mommy and daddy have an ATV, you can bet your little one wants something similar!

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw

This little Polaris Outlaw is a cute way to get tots on the trails! 

Design-wise it looks great – like a real ATV. The all-terrain knobbly wheels have good traction on grass, dirt and gravel.

There are 2 speed settings, either 2.5 mph or 5 mph, with a reverse function also. There is also an automatic brake function, meaning as soon as the foot is taken off the accelerator, the electric ATV automatically stops. 

Riding time is a fantastic 2-4 hours depending on the terrain, with a charge time of around 4-6 hours.

This is designed for flat riding, not hills – it is not powerful enough to go up anything steep, only slight inclines. Also if your kid is trying to ride on wet grass with a bit of a slope – they aren’t likely to get up it!

It goes without saying that the ‘suspension’ and wheels are are all plastic, with no slack – they are purely for aesthetic purposes.

In short, this is a great little 12V kids electric 4 wheeler that your little ones can start on from a very young age.

ATVs For Kids Rating

Below is a short video of the Polaris Outlaw in action, giving parents a good idea of the speed and size of these kids 4 wheelers.

XL ATV Electric - Best 12V Kids Electric ATV

Electric ATV

I wanted to include a second option for the kids toy versions of ATVs and I felt this was a good finish to the article.

The XL ATV is built for tots, with speeds of up to 4mph, with a parental speed limiter of 2 settings, 2mph and 4 mph. Drive time you’re looking at 2-4 hours. Though not as ‘fast’ as the Polaris above, this has more extras and kid friendly options.

You have working LED headlights, horn sounds and a storage basket which is perfect for hauling toys! Not only that, it has an AUX input for an MP3 player – so your little one can cruise around listing to their favorite tunes! Obviously, if you let them loose with your iPod…

In addition to this, the XL kids electric ATV also has full suspension for a much smoother ride. While the tires are plastic, they have a great tread and really grip various terrains.

Overall, whilst this is not as quick as the Polaris above, it’s just as powerful in torque. I think it’s better with all the extras, smoother ride and a wider choice of colors.

ATVs For Kids Rating
Electric ATV
Kids ATV

Prefer A Gas Powered Kids ATV?

Electric ATV FAQ

How much maintenance is there for an electric ATV?

Pretty much none, as there are very few mechanical parts. Just make sure you keep it clean like any vehicle to avoid rusting, sun-bleaching and physical damage things resting on it in a garage. Just keep an eye on brake fluid and cable plastics to ensure wiring doesn’t come loose.

Is an ATV like the Titan too small for a 10 year old?

Yes – they are better off with a gas powered ATV, or go for a Tom Ride Electric, but that is around $1500.

Do you need to get full ATV gear for kids riding electric ATVs?

Just a helmet. Always a helmet. It might be worth getting some ATV goggles for the 24V ATVs – they go a bit faster so there is a higher chance of dirt getting into eyes – but you’re unlikely going to have heavy crashes at 10mph, so body armor and gloves aren’t necessary.

Can 2 Year Olds Ride These ATVs?

They are not designed to be ridden by 2 years olds. Personally, I wouldn’t allow my 2 year old to ride an electric ATV on his own. But some parents will. You need to use your own judgement regarding this.

Can you alter the speeds on the electric ATVs?

Yes, but you need to know what you’re doing. I’ve read that if tuned correctly, you can get the 24V ATVs to get to around 20mph, but the battery doesn’t last long at these speeds.

My 6 year old kid is pretty capable – does he need to get an electric ATV before a gas one?

Nope – there are some decent little 4 wheelers that are 40cc and purposely designed for kids and are perfect. Check these Kids ATVs out in my article here.

Do electric ATVs need an initial charge, like a cell phone?

Yes actually. As soon as you get one, charge it for 18-24 hours (or however long it recommends).